Samurai Wip


Here is a shot of an old projects i’ve started some months ago, i’ve finally got some free time to work on it, hopefully i will finish it by the end of this month .

all the details are hand made, using standard brush and dam-standard brush, with some default alphas from Zbrush .

Stay tuned



Samurai wip1 Samurai Wip

Lkhasser Wip

Hello !


Here is a wip of an old projects i’ve started around June this year, but never had the time to do further progress on it, i’ve started to update it and i’m trying to finish it .

the hard surface parts still dynamesh since i’m still concepting and trying to find something that please me which is a very hard task at the moement xD .

i hope you’ll enjoy the current wip.


Salim Ljabli

lkhasser wip lkhasser update


Hello !


Here are some speed sketches of one hour and less

you can see the videos on my video here :


speed sculpt skull dave rapoza head 60 min Robot design by salim


and here some spit paint around 30 min each , i’m just trying to get back into 2D painting still have a long way to go hehehe :P .

speed paint salim soul eater dino speed paint


hope you’ll like them.


Salim Ljabli

Stylized characters

Salam Alikum everyone,


Here are two new characters we did .

the old man concept is originaly by : Boris Bakliza at “CGHUB” as for the 2nd character we’ve decided to make a full body of the 3rd concept .

we didn’t textured them yet .

we hope you’ll like them.


presentation Fella7 concept