7 eyes Gardian

Seven eyes guardian is a warrior who were responsible to guard the 7 Source of water on the bottom of the middle Atlas mountains .

He is a very kind been and very fierce in battle .

Hopefully i’ll finish this one sometime this summer, but i wanted to share it with you, it was firstly made for a master class i did for a school over here in morocco .

i was very limited with time so i couldn’t make a whole body for it . i’ll upload the videos of the making of soon .

I hope you’ll like it .

stay tuned .

Warrior concept Masterclass 1 Warrior concept Masterclass

speed sculpt

Creature speed sculpt .


Speed sculpt


Some doodles and sketches i did this month .

i hope you’ll like them .


warhammer 4000 2 render comp warhammer 4000 3 alien Sketch warrior skech warrior1 bug

Samurai Wip1

Something started last year ! don’t really know if i might have the time nor the patience to finish it but i’ll try .

just blocking stage .
Zbrush shot with some colors in ps .

hope you’ll like it .


Se7ra Dragon speed sculpt

Hey everyone !

It’s been quite some time that i didn’t did any sculpts, here is a speed sculpt i did yesterday .
Sculpted and rendered in zbrush post work in Photoshop .

I hope you’ll like it .
More is coming .

Dragon se7ra Dragon se7ra 1

Samurai Wip


Here is a shot of an old projects i’ve started some months ago, i’ve finally got some free time to work on it, hopefully i will finish it by the end of this month .

all the details are hand made, using standard brush and dam-standard brush, with some default alphas from Zbrush .

Stay tuned



Samurai wip1 Samurai Wip

Hand study


I did this hand study last week, tried to stick to zbrush brushes ” dam_standard,standard,clay buildup ” to make everything include the skin texture.

i hope you’ll like it .


handHand study


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